Jeppe Heins' Changing Spaces at Rockefeller Center

Jeppe Heins’ Changing Spaces at Rockefeller Center


This June, renowned visual artist Jeppe Hein will present Changing Spaces, an interactive public art installation on Rockefeller Center’s Center Plaza. This water-based sculpture –which Hein describes as a form of social sculpture and “liquid architecture” –will inspire visitors to interact playfully with the artwork and their surroundings and offer a peaceful respite within this iconic city center.

Changing Spaces will consist of four circles with enclosing walls of water emerging and shooting up from the ground. The circular water ‘walls’ rise and fall at random, and merge into each other, dividing the water pavilion into smaller spaces within the structure. Visitors are allowed to move within the structure from space to space, as the artwork continually changes shape and appearance out of their control, creating a playful and interactive environment for adults and children alike.

Hein’s work at Rockefeller Center will offer an opportunity for visitors to connect with their surroundings, and with each other, bringing interaction, amusement, surprise, and curiosity to a quintessential and historic New York City destination. Changing Spaces invites visitors to partake and embrace the unexpected, as Hein challenges the traditional attitudes and expectations of art. Changing Spaces is open on Center Plaza from 7am to 11pm Monday through Friday, and 7am to midnight Saturday and Sunday.



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