The Nature of Color @AMHN

The Nature of Color @AMHN


Are you looking for things to do in New York City. At The American Museum of Natural History, a few exhibits are still open that may really excite you.

The Nature of Color Exhibit, How does color affect our mood and behavior?

Some emotions you feel when we see a certain color may be different based on color and background. Color makes the world feel vibrant and alive. But that’s not all. Color helps us make sense of the world. It contains vast amounts of information—about the natural world, and the human world.

Colors take on different meaning in different times and places. Red can convey a wide range of symbolic meanings including status, power, marriage, and affiliation with sports teams, the conservative Republican party in the U.S, and the Communist party in China. Find out about how colors can create shared identity and the many uses of red throughout human history, from cave art to college sports, in the red room.

Take a look and explore the world of color in this immersive exhibition.

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