LuminoCity Festival

LuminoCity Festival


LuminoCity Festival features all new light art installations spanning several acres! Each of the three parks illuminates the night with beautiful sculptures inspired by nature, history, and magic!  The winter air was in full swing as Lumi wandered paths, no clear destination in mind. Lumi wondered what his next adventure would be. Would it bring him closer to figuring out his past?

By bringing the two-thousand-year history of the Chinese lantern festival to New York City through an extraordinary new light artform, the LuminoCity Festival creates a new reality full of magical wonder and thrilling adventure for all to enjoy. With each new festival, a new and original Lumi’s Adventure story is written and turned into a larger-than-life light art experience. Join our original IP mascot Lumi as he ventures through the galaxies searching for answers to his mysterious past!


Randall’s Island 20 Randall’s Island Park
New York, NY 10035

November 27,2020 – January 10th, 2021

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