Samsung Virtual Film Festival

Samsung Virtual Film Festival


Join Samsung, Popsugar, The Dodo and Thrillist as we host a virtual film premiere of four all-new documentary-style short films created by bright young filmmakers telling meaningful stories inspired by the world we’re living in 2020.

In 2020, we were tested, facing a pandemic that impacted our lives profoundly. But amidst all the trials, struggle, and hardship that Covid-19 brought, there was also triumph. Here, we present the compelling artistry and storytelling of four incredible filmmakers. Their distinct stories show how even in the darkest of times, lightness can be found. For one couple, a love story. For restaurateurs, a pivot from feeding customers to serving a community in need. One animal lover took a closer look at the process of pet fostering and adoption, while one epidemiologist found new ways to share her knowledge. Explore their stories and hear how each of them created these shorts using just their phones — because if nothing else, this year has shown us that everything we need is right at our fingertips.




⚫ Behind the scenes action from set


⚫ World premiere of the featured documentary short films


⚫ Q&A: Opportunity to chat with our featured filmmakers


Virtual Event- RSVP HERE

Friday, November 20  |  5pm PT/8pm ET

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