Diner en Blanc: Long Island

Diner en Blanc: Long Island


On September 15, 2019, the annual secret affair, promises another unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty and magic, as it takes over an undisclosed public space whose location is only revealed minutes prior to the commencement of the event. Last year over 2,000 foodies, fashion and cultural enthusiasts attended the event at Long Island’s premier entertainment destination, NYCB LIVE, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and 2,500 are expected this year.

The evening is filled with visually breathtaking moments including the waving of a cloth napkin to mark the beginning of the dinner and the lighting of sparklers to let guests know they are now free to mingle and dance. When at the end of the evening the trumpet sounds, guests pack up all of their belongings, pick up all their litter and head back into the night, leaving behind no sign of their elegant revelry.

To maintain the uniqueness of Le Dîner en Blanc as well as staying true to tradition, guests must observe certain requirements and follow a few key rules:

  • Once confirmed, each guest’s participation becomes mandatory, regardless of weather conditions.  This is a rain or shine event.
  • Dress code:  elegant and white only. Originality is encouraged as long as it is stylish and tasteful.
  • Table setting:  all white!
  • Champagne and/or wine. Beer and hard liquor are prohibited.

As per New York State alcohol laws, guests cannot bring their own alcohol. Guests wishing to enjoy some wine or Champagne, must reserve online through Le Dîner en Blanc’s e-store. However, guests are welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages.

  • To ensure that the location secret is kept undisclosed until last minute, guests meet at assigned departure location and are escorted by a Dîner en Blanc volunteer.
  • In order to leave the event location as clean as when they arrived, guests are required to leave with all their belongings, leftovers and litter.

Guests must bring

  • A table, two white chairs, white tablecloth.
  • A picnic basket comprising fine food and proper stemware and white dinnerware.
  • A catered picnic basket option, which can be picked up on site, will be available for those who do not wish to pack their own. Guests wishing to do so must reserve online through Le Dîner en Blanc’s e-store.

What’s New for Dîner en Blanc Long Island 2019:

  1. White Appeal Boutique:  Long Island E-Store

Diner en Blanc Long Island has your Premium Kits and Tablescape accessories!!! Visit the Diner en Blanc Long Island – White Boutique to purchase your must have items for DEBLI -travel sets, lighting, baskets, goblets and more. Visit our custom storefront with the link below: Link: http://bit.ly/2GQIUki

  1. Table Package Rentals: Relax and let Dîner en Blanc Long Island provide your set-up.


On-Site pick-up at the secret location.  For the low price of $105.00 (including tax), your rental package includes:

  • 1 Folding Table
  • 2 Folding Chairs
  • 1 White Tote with the following items:
    • 2 China Dinner Plates (white)
    • 2 China Salad Plates (white)
    • 2 Polished Silver Dinner Forks
    • 2 Polished Silver Dinner Knives
    • 2 Polished Silver Salad Forks
    • 2 Polished Silver Dessert Spoons
    • 2 Stemmed Water Glasses
    • 2 Stemmed Wine Glasses
    • 2 White Linen Napkins
    • 1 White Table Linen
  1. E-Store Catering: Enjoy fine dining, scrumptious pastries and crisp summer wines at Dîner en BlancLong Island.
  2. Elegant Affairs
    b.Pa-Nash Euro Soul
    c.   Sydney’s Sweets
    d.  Cuzins Duzins
    e.  Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine
  3. Bartenura



Diner en Blanc: Long Island

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tickets starting at $41 per person

See ticket information and registration details here for Long Island

Location TBA soon.



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